Arduino category

Is it too late to have a separate arduino category underneath the HiFive1 general topic to keep all the arduino discussions together and separate from the other ways of working with the HiFive1? (or maybe it already exists and I haven’t found it?)

I’m not sure I understand the benefit of that.

If people have questions about using the Arduino IDE or standard Arduino libraries then they’re better off in a generic Arduino forum.

If the questions are about something else, such as HiFive-specific I/O ports or registers etc then it’s irrelevant whether you’re using it as an Arduino or not.

Speaking of which: what’s happened to the Arduino Cinque?

I spent some time doing Arduino stuff yesterday and wanted to see how the HiFive1 compared to my other boards. I’ve found some strange things and wanted to know if I had done something wrong, if there’s so note or notice I hadn’t read, or if others had experienced the same things. It would have been nice to have a separate HiFive1 Arduino category instead of having to sift through 140+ postings to find the 9 related to Arduino.

Maybe it would be better to introduce a new thread if/when changing topics?