Having issue with Riscv-tests and Riscv-arch-tests

Good morning all, I need to know wheather riscv-tests & riscv-arch- tests is support on u74 unmatched board or not. If it is working mean what all steps i have to follow , Because While building riscv-tests asked Gnu-unknow-elf-gcc toolchain then i did not get executable file or else i got ELF file.

riscv-tests is intended to be used with bare metal. It works with spike. It should work with hardware if you are using OpenOCD to connect to the hardware. It won’t work natively on a riscv*-linux system. riscv-tests is intended for hardware developers to test hardware before an OS has been brought up on the system.

I haven’t looked at riscv-arch-tests, but it may be similar.