Gdbserver for hifive unleashed


Hello Everyone,
I am trying to remote cross debug my Linux application running on my Hifive unleashed board using gdb, but I’m unable to find gdbserver binary (Used yocto to build rootfs) or source online. Is gdbserver available for HiFive unleashed ?

Thanks in advance.

(Jim Wilson) #2

gdbserver is not available yet. But two gdbserver patches were posted to the FSF gdb-patches mailing list last week. The XML one from Maciej (macro) of WDC is the preferred one. A V2 patch set for that one is expected this week, and may be good enough to go in. If you are willing to build from top of tree FSF gdb and apply patches, then it may work for you. Otherwise, you will have to wait until the next FSF gdb release after these work in progress patches go in.