FreedomStudio and Eclipse (aka why not IntelliJ?)

(andre) #1


i have been working with the freedom studio for a little while and thought id just post some small feedback and a question about that.

basically, I think a lot of people probably don’t “enjoy” eclipse as much as they might, and while it is still “functional” I think it has a lot of deficiencies compared to, say, IntelliJ (Clion or even the free community edition)

some off the top of my head…

  1. the ui is abysmal, slow, non-native feeling on just about any platform
  2. its pretty buggy (i can’t count how many times its forgotten settings etc)
  3. setting up proper syntax highlighting takes forever, and default are not super great (same with panel layout etc)

contrasted to IntelliJ, eclipse is a nightmare, and I am reminded of the bad old days of android before android studio adopted IntelliJ as its IDE base.

so, with that being said, I’m sure there must be a good reason that eclipse was chosen instead of being say, at the least an IntelliJ plugin or based on IntelliJ like android studio? that might assuage my frustration perhaps because my opinion is a bit uneducated so to speak.

and ps. im, sorry if i come across as overly harsh, i just really want to see risc-v be as successful as possible, and i only bring this up because i think a great dev experience is key to doing even better in the long term (in addition to my own personal frustrations ^_^)