ESP32-SOLO-1 handshake pin


Based on previous conversations on the forum, it looks like GPIO10 is some sort of handshake pin between FE310 and ESP32. Could someone point me to the documentation stating that from FE310 side? How about from ESP32 side?

I tried to look for it in both spaces but failed miserably.

Doesn’t the board schematic show this?

@tgm I see that it is connected to ESP32’s IO2 (pint #24) in the schematic, but I do not see any particular references in the ESP32 documents. Could you elaborate where I should look?

I don’t understand.
You originally asked about GPIO10 but now seem to be asking about GPIO2.
Both pins are described in the ESP32-SOLO-1 datasheet.
So I’m not really sure what the issue is?

Sorry if I didn’t make it clear.

I see in the schematic that GPIO10 of FE310 is connected to IO2 of ESP32 (or GPIO2, or pin #24). What I want to learn is the purpose of this connection. Based on the previous forum posts, it sounds like it’s used as a handshake between the two chips, but I am failing to find the documented behavior in the official docs of these two chips.

While I see the table listing of those pins with their alternate names in ESP32-SOLO-1 datasheet, I don’t really understand what those are supposed to do. For example, I see that IO2 of ESP32 is listed as :

on page 7 of the datasheet, but really not much else. Am I supposed to somehow make the connection as to what it does purely based on that list of names, or is there some other reference I am not aware of that describes the behavior in more detail?

Yes, the “handshake” purpose of the ESP32-SOLO-1:GPIO2 to FE310:GPIO10 connection does seem a bit mysterious and not clearly explained anywhere that I can find. Does this code help at all?

Yes, it does help in getting partial understanding of how it should be used (so thank you for the link!), but I’m still curious where one might find this info in the official doc.