Embedded C programming with HiFive1 RevB


I’m Akshay Sachdeva and I am reaching out here because I have a thermal sensor which has SPI communication interface and I want to try out the sensor with this HiFive1 RevB development board. Also, I wanted to inquire as my code is written in Embedded C and so it is possible to run the Embedded C code in this board? If Yes? which software platform can do that?


Hi Akshay,

Welcome to the forums!

There is a freedom-e-sdk SPI example here: https://github.com/sifive/example-spi/blob/a9ab5285d841d06dbc60769a2548ac6ff1e21f29/example-spi.c

Information on HiFive1 RevB SPI can be found in the FE310-G002 User Manual: https://sifive.cdn.prismic.io/sifive%2F9ecbb623-7c7f-4acc-966f-9bb10ecdb62e_fe310-g002.pdf

Freedom-e-sdk is here: https://github.com/sifive/freedom-e-sdk

I’m not aware of a Embedded C support for this HiFive1 RevB.