Drag and Drop flashing?

Hello - on page 16 in the Getting Started guide, it shows how you can drag .hex file using a drag and drop operation. I’ve tried this both in my Ubuntu environment as well as separately in Windows and in both those cases, if I drag in a ‘hello.hex’, the board disconnects right away with the OS complaining it can’t find the device connected to the drive. Am I missing something here? Please let me know if anyone’s had success doing this or I’m missing a step. Thanks!

Does it work if you do it as root/sudo?
Did you follow all the instructions on installing the udev rules etc.?

Hi Tommy - actually it ended up working once I got the tip from @dconn to put the board in a recovery state (press reset, press again after green light until it becomes red) and then to drag/drop the hex file. I didn’t have to mess with anything else (udev rules included). I’m using a windows-based setup.