Elf- or hex-file of sifive-welcome example?

Can someone please share an elf- or hex-file of the sifive-welcome example for HiFive1 Rev B01? Or some other example that uses the USB UART? I do not get the freedom environment build on my Raspberry Pi and would like to use the LLVM Clang 9 (that supports RISC-V). But I do not get the setup right (lots of unexpected characters over the USB UART-Interface in the first couple of seconds). I have problems reading the sources of the metal libraries and would prefer to disassemble some reference code? Probably I missed some clock configuration?

Thanks in advance.

Only image file can be upload here. It probably would be easier for you to create the file that you need.


Hi gnek,

thank you for your reply. I would love to create the file. But the build environment is not working on my Raspberry Pi. Can you send me the file as an e-mail attachement to timm@knp.de? I can upload it on my webspace, so that we can share the link here in the forum.

Kind regards,