Deployment and Installation Software with RISC-V compatibility


       Surendra here, I was searching for System Deployment and Installation solution, but couldn't find any, which are RISC-V compatibility. So, please suggest a Software solution? Below are the required functionalities:
  • Deployment of the OS image to SoC board for mass production.

  • Providing the OTA updates.

  • Remote diagnosis.

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,

Surendra Allam,

Embedded Software Engineer,

Exaleap Semiconductors Pvt Ltd,

Bangalore, India.

Linux and a number of real-time OSes are available. You can find a list at
and click on the OS and kernels tab.

There is no commodity RISC-V hardware available yet, but Fedora and OpenEmbedded have support for the SiFive HiFive Unleashed, and others can build images for it if you are willing to do a little work to build the image yourself.

When other boards become available, I expect support will be added for them also.

Thank you so much Jim, I have gone through link but I couldn’t find any relevant info there, so could you suggest me any OTA platform with RISC-V compatibility.

Thanks and Regards,

Surendra Allam.

Fedora supports dnf for updates, and Debian supports apt for updates. But I suppose it depends on what you mean by OTA. There are no commodity RISC-V platforms as yet, so no officially supported OS releases. But there are lots of unofficially supported linux and RTOS distros available. If you want something better than that, then you probably need to talk to a linux and/or RTOS vendor.