Black Magic Probe or alternative JTAG tools

Are there any Black Magic Probe users in the community? If so, does anyone have interest in adding support for the FE310? Has anyone successfully used another JTAG debugger such as the Segger J-link?

I ask because personally, I’m not a fan of FTDI ever since they started bricking non-genuine devices with a driver update. I would prefer not to use their products. (Full story here on HackaDay:

Additional BMP Information:
Black Magic Probe Wiki


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How would you envision connecting a JTAG debugger to the HiFive1 without going through the FTDI chip?

I plan on removing the FE310-G000 from the HiFive1 and placing it on a custom PCB.

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In theory, your JTAG debugger of choice should “just work” if it is supported by OpenOCD. In practice, we haven’t tried it. It is on my TODO list to try out a J-Link debugger using the Arty board.

I read the Black Magic Probe link that you sent, and see that it “Implements the GDB extended remote debugging protocol for seamless integration with the GNU debugger and other GNU development tools.”

We use a port of both GDB and OpenOCD to support talking to a RISC-V processor. I’m wondering if you’d need to modify the firmware on this probe in order to get the same functionality.


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I already tried the J-Link debugger and I did not have any problems. You just need to change the openocd.cfg file in bsp/env/freedom-e300-arty or bsp/env/freedom-e300-hifive1. There you have to comment out all FTDI commands and replace “interface ftdi” by “interface jlink”. After that it should already work.