Ask Help:fail to build gdbserver for RISC-V 64

The file <arch/abi.h> can’t be found when building riscv-gdb/gdb/gdbserver/linux-riscv-low.c .
Anyone met same issue ?
How to resolve it ?
Thanks a lot.

There is no gdbserver port yet. The existing code is a useless copy of the linux-tile-low.c file. Note for instance the tdesc_riscvgx32 reference near the end which is an obvious sed error from linux-tile-low.c. Someone will have to write a gdbserver port from scratch.

You should use FSF gdb sources instead of riscv-gnu-toolchain gdb sources. We have two gdb ports, and the one in riscv-gnu-toolchain is a dead end that will hopefully be replaced by the FSF gdb one soon. We are still working through the details of making sure that the FSF gdb port can fully replace the riscv-gnu-toolchain gdb port.

There is incidentally a riscv linux native gdb port in the FSF gdb tree. This requires gdb patces in the FSF gdb development tree, that will appear in the next gdb release expected early next yet. It also requires linux kernel patches. 4.19 has all of the patches except the FP register support, which is on the list to get merged into 4.20.

Many thanks for your feedback.