Ask for spike with RISC-V 1.7 privileged architecture

I am a student who is working on a project about core porting. Now I wish to use a simulator on linux based on riscv 1.7 privileged architecture and learn about it. I tried to look for it but find nothing until now. May I have the spike based on riscv 1.7 arch? Does it exist? I’m new in this area, would you mind helping me with it?

Thank you.

Hi Weihua,

Do you specifically want 1.7, vs. 1.9.1, which is the latest version of the Privileged Spec?

You can use the Spike simulator, which is part of the overall riscv-tools suite, which is currently at 1.9.:

If you really want 1.7, you can use an older version of the tool suite:

Install the riscv-tools according to the instructions, then read how to use the Spike simulator riscv-isa-sim, in its README:

Thanks!! I’ll try it now.