Ada bare-metal and HiFive1

Hello, I want to ask someone to make an sfp and math port for HiFive1. I am just a beginner, so it would be hard for me to understand what should be done and in what order. But I will be glad if someone provide me with a possibility of utilizing Ada language on top of HiFive1 boards.

If someone can make such a port and push it to upstream with a toolchain, that would be really great and very helpful for Ada propagation. I can almost guarantee that this port would bring more developers than any other port.

The already done zfp can be found here: link to zfp.

Link to gcc: toolchain

There is Ada support for RISC-V in the FSF GCC development tree. This requires the pre-release gcc-9 development sources, which will be officially released sometime next spring. I can bootstrap the Ada compiler on a HiFive Unleashed running Fedora Core 29, and run the Ada testsuites, which pass without failure.

I don’t know Ada, and have no idea what additional support might be needed to make Ada usable for the HiFive1.

Some links that might be useful

The second is probably less directly useful since it’s running on a softcore (Picorv32).

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The only thing different for the PicoRV32 on the software side is probably the linker script. (and how you flash it, of course)

I’ve actually bought a TinyFPGA-BX on special ($28) a couple of days ago, so I might even try that project once it arrives.