3D Model for Unmatched

I’m trying to design a printable case for the unmatched. An open source board should have an open source case to go with it. The link to the “3D Model” on the sifive site seems to just lead to an blank PDF: https://sifive.cdn.prismic.io/sifive/578a2750-6d5e-479b-bb90-c8bb74192ad3_hifive-unmatched-3d-model-3a0.pdf

Is there a 3D model available to make case design easier?

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See https://forums.sifive.com/t/schematics-and-bill-of-materials/4480/4

But looking at this I see that it doesn’t include the fans and heat sinks which could be a problem. You can get the heights of those from the BOM.

That helps, thanks!

The 3D content cannot be viewed in the browser, but must be downloaded and viewed in Adobe Acrobat. After opening the PDF in Acrobat, a dialog at the top warns, “3D content has been disabled. Enable this feature if you trust this document.”. From the Options drop-down, select “Trust this document always”, then click the small square containing a “?” character in the upper left corner of the document. After a short delay, the 3D content will render in the document window.


Can you extract it so it can be viewable with free software, such as Blender or FreeCAD?

Thank you for the feedback. Instead of pdf, we now offer 3D board model in a standard .STEP format which can be opened in a variety of CAD programs, such as CAD Assistant (CAD Assistant - Open Cascade).