Schematics and Bill of Materials

have appeared on the web site.

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The documents have copyrights on them, but don’t specify the license. What are they released under? Are there more files expected to be released in the future (e.g. the PCB)? Thanks!

3D model remains a blank PDF …

The 3D model .pdf doesn’t seem to work in a web browser. It works for me using Acrobat viewer application and takes a while to load. Note that there’s a dialog box in Acrobat viewer that you have to give permissions to view. I also had to left click in the blank window to get the image to become visible.

The 3D drawing depicts all components as populated but there are some components that are not populated on the production build. You can reference the BOM (Lists only populated components) or schematic (DNP in component properties indicates Do Not Populate on the production board).

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I think I may have spotted a difference between this and the First Batch on the Way! pictures: the board and rear I/O shield seem to indicate the “Trace USB” port will not be populated, while (at least) the USB-2 ULPI phy is listed in the BOM, and not tagged DNP in the schematic.

My bad: on clearer pictures (like the one on the board’s product brief PDF) the ULPI chip seems indeed present, while only (?) the micro-USB connector is not.