Yocto images using freedom-u540 board

Using Yocto project i have build freedom-u540 images. Can i copy those images in my microSD card .if I copy bbl.bin in first partition FAT32 & rootfs in second partition ext3 .is it possible to run my freedom-u540 board.

and one more doubt how can i copy those images inside my SD card using dd tool.

am using this command sudo dd if=/home/path/bbl.bin of=/dev/sdb1 bs=4096 . is it correct procedure .

Thanking you,


I’ve never booted yocto on an unleashed board, but …

gives instructions at the end on how to copy the build result onto an SDcard.

has info on how to create the wic.gz file and where to find it

So in meta-riscv/setup.sh change the MACHINE line to use freedom-u540 instead of qemuriscv64 and do a build, and then follow the instructions above for the install onto the SDcard.

If you have problem, you might want to try asking in meta-riscv instead of here, as the people there actually know how this stuff works, unlike us.