Won't boot after attempting to run example


I tried running one of the example programs in the freedom-studio through OpenOCD, and now it looks like the board is unable to boot at all. Looking in the debugger it appears that the harts are never able to sync, so it’s stuck in this section

    if (hart == 0) {
    /* Hart 0 waits for all harts to set their MSIP bit */
    for (int i = 1 ; i < __METAL_DT_MAX_HARTS; i++) {
        while (METAL_MSIP(msip_base, i) == 0) ;

of the metal_synchronize_harts function
I attempted to boot again from the SD card but even after a few minutes the heartbeat LED never turns on. I also attempted to boot from the rescue image in flash, but that does not appear to work either.
Anyone have any ideas as to what may have happened and if I can reverse this issue?