When can we see U500 silicon & an U500 SBC on the market?


Currently learning to know about your fantastic U500 platform, I wonder: when can we see the chip and an SBC based on it on the market, is it rather next months, or this year, or 2018, or later like 2020?


We’re working hard to get the first Freedom U500 Silicon to the market as soon as possible. Unfortunately it’s too early for us to commit to a date but it’s certainly on the earlier side of the range you’ve given!

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If you look at this Open-V project update: https://www.crowdsupply.com/onchip/open-v/updates/collaboration-with-sifive

“As it turns out, SiFive had already scheduled an entire test wafer of their own for fabrication in April/May 2017. As part of our collaboration, SiFive is donating some of that extra space to us.”

What could SiFive be wanting a test wafer of in April/May, I wonder?

There’d be quite a few months between a successful test wafer and a retail SBC, but if all goes well you’d imagine it could happen this year.

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