Unit seems to be bricked. Can I reflash it to factory?

After trying to upload the dhrystone demo to the unit it seems to be “bricked” in that I do see two green leds but nothing from the cute tri-color led. I posted a long verbose log of the process in this forum but I think the new problem is that the unit is a brick now. Given that I handle it with extreme care ( not like I have another handy ) then I am fairly sure it isn’t electrostatic shock failure but with no real serial port there is no way to know. So is there a way to reflash this thing to factory spec or should I just set it aside as a brick?


Unfortunately this is a common issue with the HiFive1 board. Try to bring the board to bootloader mode (by pressing Reset again after reset), and reflash it in this mode.

On my Mac, another method to resurect the HiFive1 was to use the Arduino environment and load a simple blinky app.

OKay … so something is possible. Otherwise I have to get some superglue and this becomes a fridge magnet.

So then … where is the required file that I need to “flash” onto the board?

Well, glad I didn’t buy the capacitative graphics bit to go with it. This little unit is a fridge magnet with no idea how to recover it and there is no support at all. It was a nice idea.

The lack of support might be resulting from confusion. You have been posting under Freedom E300, which is the thread for the ARTY FPGA device, but you seem to be compiling for the HiFive1. Which hardware are you actually using? Have you checked the posts under HiFive1 thread?

Good question. Well it had a blinking led on it that would run through the colors red green and blue. Doesn’t do that anymore but it once did.

I set it to “safe mode” however still can not connect to it at all.