Unable to connect to bitbake server

Hello everyone
when building disk image with “kas build freedom-u-sdk/scripts/kas/unmatched-cli.yml”,The following error has occurred

tips:In Ubuntu20.04.5 LTS(WSL)

I haven’t used kas so can’t comment on that. The build process should start a bitbake server and then connect to it. If that fails, there could be a missing package on your machine needed for the build. Have you ever done a yocto build on this machine before? The error message points you to a file with errors. Did you look at this file?

Have you gone back and tried again? Sometimes the problem is transitory.

I switched to VMware Workstation and install Ubuntu22.04. The error did not occur again

The OpenEmbedded build instructions recommend using a native linux host for the build.

In theory, Windows Subsystem for Linux v2 should work, but requires extra steps.

I believe WSL v1 does not work. Not quite good enough linux emulation. The OE build system relies on a few obscure linux features that aren’t implemented in WSL v1.

The more info you give about your build environment, the better answer we can give when something goes wrong.