U74 unmatched ubuntu22.04 kernel replace failed

On U74 unmatched board, using ubuntu22.04 system: https://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/22.04/release/ubuntu-22.04.1-preinstalled-server-riscv64+unmatched.img.xz, now i cross-compile to generate a kernel and replace /boot/Image, but the following errror occurred ont statup,

i do not know if the way is right, and had anyone has this problem?

This site has info that explains how to build a RISC-V Linux system from scratch. It also has a section that explains how to install a linux kernel update for this build. This system may be structured differently than the Ubuntu release, so the info may not be exactly correct for your system, but it might be helpful.

I think the boot image file alone is not enough, you also need the dtb file and the module files installed. Depends on how the image is constructed, and whether you enabled modules, and maybe other things.

Thanks a lot, i seem to know a little about it, Using your site is

Using your site is normal, in addition, I don’t know where files are stored on unbuntu system, so did not replace it