Toolchain build issues


When I try to configure the toolchain, I get this error:

=== configuring in jimtcl (/home/sifive/freedom-e-sdk/openocd/jimtcl)
configure: running /bin/bash ./configure.gnu --disable-option-checking ‘–prefix=/usr/local’ --cache-file=/dev/null --srcdir=.
/home/tools/xilinx/SDK/2015.1/bin/unwrapped/lnx64.o/tclsh8.5: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
configure: error: ./configure.gnu failed for jimtcl

What does this mean?


This sounds like this issue:

Can you see if it solves your problem?

Hi, this didn’t solve the issue. Thanks.

Ah, taking it a closer look it appears you are using Xilinx tools. /home/tools/xilinx/SDK/2015.1/bin/unwrapped/lnx64.o/tclsh8.5 suggests that you are using a shell that sourced from Vivado. This script changes LD_LIBRARY_PATH and PATH and may be causing your problems.

Can you try running in a fresh shell without sourcing the Xilinx setup scripts?

Looks like it is finding a Xilinx SDK version of tclsh. Have you altered your PATH variable to point to a Xilinx SDK?

What if you run the find-tclsh script by itself (located in freedom-e-sdk/openocd/jimtcl/autosetup/find-tclsh)? My output says: /usr/bin/tclsh.

***Edit: Meagan is fast, great support! :wink:

After I installed the libtcl package (sudo apt-get install libtcl8.5), the issue is resolved. So maybe add this to the documentation as one of the package requirements? Thanks.