SylixOS(SMP RTOS)support U54-MC!

Hi all. After our engineers’ efforts, SylixOS was finally ported to Freedom U540.

Let me briefly introduce the opensource operating system of SylixOS.

SylixOS is an opensource embedded real-time operating system from China. Its main features are as follows.

  • Compatible with IEEE 1003 (ISO/IEC 9945) operating system interface specification.
  • Compatible POSIX 1003.1b (ISO/IEC 9945-1) real-time programming standard.
  • Opensource, GPL license.
  • Excellent real-time performance (time complexity of task scheduling and switching algorithm is O(1))
  • Support unlimited multitasking.
  • Preemptive scheduling supports 256 priorities.
  • Support for virtual processes.
  • Support priority inheritance to prevent priority inversion.
  • The extremely stable kernel, many products based on SylixOS, require 7x24 hours of uninterrupted running.
  • Support symmetric multi-processor(SMP), for example: ARM cortex-a9 SMPCore, Intel Duo Core™, whole series of loongson Core, FT-1500A,
    Freescale i.MX6 series, Xilinx zynq-7000 series multicore processors.
  • It can be started in 1~2 seconds according to project requirements.
  • Support standard I/O, multi-channel I/O multiplexing and asynchronous I/O interfaces.
  • Support multiple emerging asynchronous event synchronization interfaces, such as signalfd, timerfd, eventfd, etc.
  • Support for many standard file systems: TPSFS (power loss), FAT, YAFFS, ROOTFS, PROCFS, NFS, ROMFS, etc.
  • Supporting file record locks, supporting databases.
  • Support memory management unit(MMU)
  • Support third-party GUI graphics libraries, such as Qt, Microwindows, and emWIN.
  • Support dynamic loading applications, dynamic link libraries, and kernel modules.
  • Support standard TCP/IPv4/IPv6 dual network protocol stack, providing standard socket operation interface.
  • Support AF_UNIX, AF_PACKET, AF_INET, AF_INET6 protocol domain.
  • Internal integration of numerous network tools, such as FTP, TFTP, NAT, PING, TELNET, NFS, etc.
  • Internal integrated Shell interface, supporting environment variables (compatible with common Linux Shell operations)
  • Support the abstraction of many standard device, such as: TTY, BLOCK, DMA, ATA, SATA, GRAPH, RTC, PIPE, etc.
  • Support various industrial device or bus models, such as: CAN, I2C, SPI, SDIO, PCI/PCIE, 1553B, USB, etc.
  • Provide a high-speed timer device interface, which can provide timing services higher than the main clock frequency.
  • Support for hot-plug device.
  • Support device power management.
  • Provide a kernel behavior tracker to facilitate application performance and failure analysis.

SylixOS Framework:

SylixOS on HiFive Unleashed :

SylixOS shell:

CPU info:

SylixOS on QEMU :

Later we will merge the arch code of the RISC-V branch to the mainline SylixOS.
Then, interested friends can run SylixOS on HiFive Unleashed or QEMU.

The SylixOS open source community:

Looks interesting.

DNS for the git repo doesn’t work (from US/EU):

Mailing list archives are forbidden:

This link on the front page is forbidden too:

Also, the SSL https certificates for aren’t valid.

Is the source code to the port publicly available? The .zip file of source on the SylixOS front page doesn’t have it yet.



This looks like the main git repo:

It won’t clone via http, just git URL, or it just hangs. This works:

git clone git://