Suggestion - Wiki for Unmatched board

I’d like to make a suggestion, a Wiki for that board. I personally have written thousands of pages of computer documentation. Both at work and personally. Perhaps something with these main categories;

  • Intro to Unmatched
  • Using specific features
  • Trouble shooting
  • Technical documentation, (block diagrams and any other open documentation)
  • Data sheets for the hardware
  • Known working peripherals, (like video cards, M.2 WiFi & NVMe cards, etc…)

Obviously it would change and grow as more information is discovered or made available.

If that information is started in advance and somewhat open to owners of the board and general public, then it is easy to share issues and fixes, (or workarounds).

As an example, I made contributions to Pine64’s Pinebook Pro Wiki;
Pine64 - Pinebook Pro Wiki
While not perfect, it’s what they have from mostly public contributions.