Store configuration

Hello. I’m a beginner of hifive unleashed board and also immature in embedded platform.
I built freedom-u-sdk on the hifive unleashed board.
I set a static ip on the board and suceeded to connect to pc via ssh.
However, the configuration is initialized whenever i restart the board.
How can I set the persistent configuration???
In addition, how can i store file in the board persistently??? I tried to use mount /dev/mmcblk0p2 /mnt, but it doesn’t work
My linux kerner version is 4.15.
Thank you

Which freedom-u-sdk do you have? There are 3 major versions of it. It sounds like you have the oldest one, on the v1_0 branch, which is a pre-upstream buildroot based system using an initramfs. The initramfs is a compressed root file system linked into the kernel, which the kernel loads into memory and then mounts as /. Any changes to this file system will be lost on reboot. If you want to make permanent changes to this filesystem, then you have to actually modify the initramfs file and relink it into the kernel. Note that this v1_0 freedom-u-sdk system isn’t useful for real work, it is only useful for demonstrations. You should put a better OS on your board, like openembedded, debian, fedora, opensuse, etc. The current (third) version of freedom-u-sdk is openembedded based.

You should be able to mount /dev/mmcblk0p2, but you might need to make a partition first if it doesn’t already exist, and then create a filesystem if it doesn’t already exist. You can use fdisk to check the partitions. And mkfs.ext3 to create a filesystem.

Thank you!