Static IP Address Configuration

I’m trying to configure a static IP address. But I can’t find any configuration files like /etc/network/interface or something else like other distributions. I got quite confused.

Could anyone tell me the method to configure a static IP address for this board?

Thank you!

What distro are you running on your unmatched @hubohan?

I‘m running the distribution provided by sifive/freedom-u-sdk: Freedom Unleashed Software Development Kit (

I was able to set up a static IP address using nmcli (network manager command line interface). I can’t verify this is exactly how I did it but this is from some handwritten notes I took:

# nmcli connection show
(shows the connections)
# nmcli c edit "Wired connection 1"
> ?
(shows available commands)
> goto ipv4
> print
(shows the ipv4 settings of the connection)
> set method manual
> set addresses
> set gateway
> save

Hope it helps.

It has Network Manager as skibo mentioned. Files are in /etc/NetworkManager, but there are just a bunch of empty dirs with the default config.

Here is an answer I found with a web search. It offers some additional solutions in addition to the one skibo mentioned.

Thanks a lot! I have successfully set the static IP following your method.

Thank you very much for your information!