[SOLVED] Getting FreedomStudio

Hi everybody,

I got a HiFive revB and I’d like to program it with Freedom Studio IDE on Linux, but each time I try to download it from HiFive1 Rev B - SiFive, it just tells me to request information but not actually download it. What should I do?


I finally got it using wayback machine xd, here’s the link to avoid you the struggle…

Can’t you also get it here?

I just found this out today as I was looking for freedom studio as well, so if you go to hifive1 rev b board page on the sifive site and scroll down to where you see the link to freedom studio for various operating systems you can click on one, I did Linux, and it will ask you to fill out a form like you’re sending them a question. Well if you just fill it out and send it your download of freedom studio will start after you click send. Not intuitive exactly but it worked for me just 45 minutes ago.