Registers Datasheet


I want to check some registers,such as “phy control registers”,but I can ’ t find the registers datasheet

The PCIe controller is licensed so SiFive doesn’t have the rights to distribute internal docs for it. If there is a separate ethernet controller, that is probably licensed too. You may have to look for some docs elsewhere.

Unfortunately, no hardware board docs were ever published by SiFive. You can find some useful info in the freedom-e-sdk port
otherwise I would suggest looking in the Linux port and in particular the dts file
This suggests that the pcie controller is Synopsys Designware IP.

Oh, I see that you are apparently quoting from the linux drivers/pci/pcie_dw_sifive.c file. You didn’t mention that. The more details you give, the better the answer I can give. So you already have all of the info that SiFive can release. Try looking for Synopsys Designware docs, though that may require a Synopsys customer account. Or, depending on what you are trying to do, you might be able to reverse engineer some info from the linux drivers for this device.