Recommended Heat Sink(s) and/or Fan(s)

Do we have an idea of what are the recommended heatsink and/or fan specs for this board? I have a low profile case and am considering my options.

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If I’m not mistaken, the board comes with heatsinks and a CPU fan; not sure of their dimensions however.


The Crowdsupply page makes no mention of heatsinks/fans in the “What’s in the Box?” section.

… I have a low profile build I am working out and I am concerned that the height of the heatsink pictured will be too tall for my chasis.

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I’d love to know this for certain too, before ordering cases. It looks like it will fit in 1U…

I am targeting less than 1U — I think I will end up swapping out that heatsink. I can probably guess the heatsink height based off of the M.2 slot dimensions… hrm.

I’m guessing the heatsink is 20mm wide and deep and 30mm tall. I’m pleased to find that tiny heatsinks are abundant so this wont be a problem for me to aquire.

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Parts are subject to change until boards start shipping, so no definitive answer can be given at this time. But it looks like the fans/heatsinks stick up about 3 and a half cm from the top of the board on a preproduction model. That may be too much for a 1U case.


The offset is likely different, but fwiw the tallest Supermicro heatsinks that still fit in 1U are 27.8mm.

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The newly released bill of materials has these heatsinks in it:


As far as I can tell, the non-fan heatsink that is the taller heatsink (using the orange clamp, in the pics on crowdsupply) is HS2 and is 32.6 mm height.


Awesome! I am almost certainly going to need to get a shorter heatsink… Good stuff. Appreciated.

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I think that the K1 fan mounts on top of the HS1 heatsink, which adds up to 29.5mm assuming I read the numbers correctly. So this is probably too high for a 1U box also.

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So – Can I get suggestions on the shallowest heatsink an/or fan I can get for these specified form factors? I am unfamiliar with the clip-on heatsink ecosystem and the stuff I see on these sites that were posted. I am just not sure if the shallower options would fit on the Unmatched.

For example this one seems shorter:


… So if I got the shorter one it would fit and work with the Unmatched?

Would this one be fine?

You can’t just replace it with a shorter heatsink; passive cooling requires a large heatsink with significant mass and surface area for the application. If you make it shorter, you also have to make the footprint larger if you want to keep it passive, or add a fan to make it active.

I agree, however i dont know from experience what would work. i def have seen small heatsinks being “enough” without a fan on a cpu that doesnt get hot. I dont mind using a fan either. What i need is heatsink+ fan at 30mm height or less.