Project Creator Script and Visual Studio Code

In case it is helpful for anyone else… I like to keep my project directories separate from SDKs, so I wrote a script to create a clean project directory of your choosing while also editing the makefiles to target a specific sdk.

Special Bonus, I like to use Visual Studio Code as my editor. The Script can also create VS Code tasks for running the make commands as well as a launch task so that the VS Code debugger can attach to your HiFive board.


Nice. Any chance your script could symlink to the bsp directory in the SDK so you can stay synchronised with SiFive’s stuff without having to update your project manually?

Should be able to with a few changes as I’m overwriting the with my own

I’ve been mucking around with some of the trap entry and linker files in there, hence why i wanted to copy and preserve the original. I suppose this is the less common use case!

Will update the thread when I make the change.

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Ok, symlink is now the default behavior. I’ve added a -c option if you want the old bsp copy functionality.

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