OTP/Bootloader Source

Hi Team,

Congrats on a strong release for the first set of boards!

Will the OTP ROM and Bootloader source code for HiFive1 be released any time soon?

Thank you!

OTP is 4 lines of assembly, which can be found in the Getting Started Guide. Will open source the bootloader and requested items soon after we’re back from the holidays!

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Thanks, Megan. Happy holidays!

Any news for those interested in bootloader development?

The source for the “boot loader” shipped on the HiFive1 boards is available in the freedom-e-sdk, as double_tap_dontboot : https://github.com/sifive/freedom-e-sdk/blob/master/software/double_tap_dontboot/double_tap_dontboot.c

To actually reflash the bootloader, you’ll need to tweak the linker script to start at 0x20000000 instead of 0x20400000, and lift the flash protection starting at 0 instead of 64 in the openocd script.

EDIT: Added link

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