New RISC-V assembler

I am making available a new assembler that support RISC-V.

In short:

  1. The assembler is all written in Java and requires the Oracle GrallVM Java
    (the free version)

  2. It is a universal assembler and RISC-V is the first architecture supported

  3. It is designed to be used by humans and not to be a target of compilers

  4. Powerful macro processor. Macros are written in JavaScript

  5. Listing generated is an HTML file to be viewed with a browser.
    Very flexible. For example, with one click you can expand the code
    generated by a macro and vice versa.

You can download code, manuals and source at

License is Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives,
which means you can change the code to your heart content as
long as you do not make it public.

Please keep in mind that this is a BETA release.

Paolo Roberti

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I have forgotten two important things:

  1. The name of the assembler is: DaVinci Assembler

  2. It comes with a very rich set of macros such IF, THEN, ELSE, WHILE, etc.,
    any kind of linked list support, HEAPSORT, AVL trees and hashing, among

Paolo Roberti

The license choice is unusual from my point of view. But it is definitely better than proprietary license!