Any examples of pure assembly with no C wrapper?

Hi everybody!

I’m a complete beginner to embedded development and I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction of a tutorial which would walk me through a simple set of programs written in pure assembly with no C wrapper. I’ve written a couple of small programs using the RARS emulator, but I’d like to get started on the actual board.

I’ve seen, walked through and successfully loaded the Western Digital example to my HiFive1 Rev B and its fantastic, but I want to see what’s needed to replace the C wrapper. Something that just reads and writes to the terminal / console would be great!

I’ve got both Platform IO and Freedom Studio working with my board and would be willing to start in either bare metal or Zephyr.

Thanks in advance for any info!


Tyler’s discussion on the subject is quite good:

I would also like to draw attention to Chapter 3 in “The Bible”, also known as “The RISC-V Reader” by D. Patterson and A. Waterman (Strawberry Canyon LLC, 2017).

Cool – I’ll check those out. Thanks for the tips!

I’ve written a set of simple RISC-V assembler examples:

RISC-V assembler examples

They are written to test my RISC-V assembler written in Lisp so the assembler syntax is slightly different, but it should be obvious how it relates to the normal assembler syntax. I’d welcome any feedback on the examples.

Wow – pretty cool Lisp and Assembler. Thanks for the link – I’ll go through it this weekend.