Make qemu

What is the closest approximation to an FU540 using qemu?

For folks who don’t have an FU540.

qemu-system-riscv64 -machine sifive_u

Trying to have a student budget friendly way for to boot a RISC-V Linux system.


Most people use -machine virt. This is what the Debian/Fedora/etc instructions recommend. sifve_u might be useful if you want to do some bare metal programming.

A co-worker suggests that if you use -machine sifive_u, then you may be limited to devices physically present on the SiFive board. Whereas using -machine virt gives you access to any virtual device that qemu supports. Hence linux is likely to be more useful when booted on virt than on sifive_u.

Thanks Jim.

So, -machine sifive_u mimics FU540 well. Good enough. FreeBSD/riscv works on virt. I want to see how it fares on sifive_u.

I am leaning on FU540 as a defacto reference board. And -machine sifive_u as the free soft hardware.

Kindly let me know of any other qemu parameter that will help me mimic this board.


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