LTP message queue stress testcase failure

i am running msgstress03 [1], msgstress04 [2] (message queue stress tests) with meta-sifive 5.5.6 and 5.10.x version on HiFive Unleashed but tests are getting passed with 5.5.6 and getting failed with 5.10.x
Please find attachment,

failure log:
attached screenshots of failure

LTP git repo :
1] ltp/msgstress03.c at master · linux-test-project/ltp · GitHub
2] ltp/msgstress04.c at master · linux-test-project/ltp · GitHub

Can you tell like what could be the reason for the failure of same testcase on two different kernel versions ???


If you are having trouble with the linux kernel, perhaps you should ask on a linux kernel mailing list? Such as this one

can you confirm me on mailing list i am trying to reach but every time is getting failed with error like,
Your message to couldn’t be delivered.
When Office 365 tried to send your message, the receiving email server outside Office 365 reported an error.
Is there any specific format in which email needs to be sent or i am following to wrong mailing list ?

You might need to subscribe to the list in order to be able to send email to it. It is probably expecting text only email. This is how most free/open software lists work. You can try creating a gmail account and using that to send email to the list.

Hi Pankaj, Please note that the latest (2021.03 branch) FUSDK for the Unleashed board supports kernel 5.8. Is it possible you are running a test that’s not compatible with the kernel?

@jimw i have already subscribed to it with microsoft as well as with gmail but facing same issue.Anyway thanks for response.

@Jim No,the test i am running is not kernel specific i have attached link you can check.
Yes, i understood your 2021.03 branch support 5.8 kernel but i have added recipe to support 5.10.x kernel and then started the kernel validation but test failed on it also i have attached.

What happens when you run the test without changing the bitbake recipes such that you’re using a 5.8 kernel?

with all kernel versions other than 5.10.x kernel versions test is running smoothly.