Installation of SPIKE on WSL Machine

Can someone please provide step by step guide to put SPIKE on a wsl-2 machine? when I run spike, I am getting the following error.

I have done my toolchain installation from this repo
And also I cloned the riscv-isa-sim

Can someone please solve my issue?

I’m new to the forum, and I could see there are only 3 categories, can someone please change the category

The SiFive forums are for supporting SiFive hardware. They aren’t meant for generic RISC-V questions. RISC-V International has mailing lists where you can ask questions, like sw-dev. See You can also ask questions as issues in the riscv-isa-sim github tree.

Otherwise, I’d ask the usual questions, did you use a linux toolchain, did you static link, did you try enabling spike tracing options to see where it is failing.