IDE for developing RISCV program


I am looking for any IDE to develop small application to compile and run with RISCV-toolchain (compiler and simulator).

Any recommended IDE for this? basically i will configure riscv-gnu-toolchain on this IDE and want to write some simple c programs and debug RISCV instructions.

SiFive has an eclipse release that targets our boards. This is available on our web site under . There is also a third party eclipse release called GNU MCU Eclipse that you might find interesting. There are also a number of commercial solutions. There are links to some of these on our web site too.


PlatformIO IDE could be a great candidate for a quick start. It has support for SiFive products and support for different emulators/simulators if you don’t have physical hardware.

Regards, Ivan.

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I have installed Platform IO on my windows system. Now i want to configure my RISCV-gnu toolchain which i had build using WSL ubuntu. I can only see preinstalled development boards when i try to create a new project in platform IO.
Basically i have installed RISCV simulator (SPIKE) and RISCV-GNU-Toolchain, as i do not want to write program for any hardware boards.

How do i configure these software toolchains with Platform IO. Are there any examples for simulator configuration?

I’m not sure how you’d configure Platform IO to use an instruction set simulator.

Freedom Studio available at supports the QEMU instruction set simulator.

Note the long list of RISC-V simulators here: