How to use DMA on HiFive1 board

hi experts:
Now I have one HiFive1 board, and I already download the code, but from the code, I do not find there is DMA support. DMA is very important, could I know how to use it on HiFive1 board please?

The FE310-G000 chip on the HiFive1 does not have any HW DMA support.

1, Does HiFive have plan to support it in the future?
2, If I want it, how to get it? Do I need to realize it myself?

I’m not aware of any Arduino-class boards that support a DMA engine. That’s more what you’re looking for when you get to something in Raspberry Pi class with multiple CPU cores, GPU, ethernet/wifi and so forth.

I’m sure SiFive plan such a board in future, based for example on their Freedom U500 platform, but that’s very different to the HiFive1.

Not a SiFive employee