How to start from WSL

I’m using Win10 system, How can I develop at platform of Windows Subsystem for Linux, I try to explore by myself, but it does not work until now

Presumably, that means you can just follow the Linux instructions?

However I haven’t tried it, and I don’t think anyone here will have. Tell us anything you discover!

Sadly, WSL does not export the same device interface consumed by libusb, so openocd can’t be used without modification. That being said, I was able to load the linux version of both FREEDOM-E-SDK and FreedomStudio (after installing the Xming X Server.) I was able to compile, but not run GDB in the RISCV specific binutils, and the compiler seemed to work.

But ultimately, I couldn’t connect openocd to the HiFive1 board or get gdb to run reliably.