HiFive1RevB not updating FreedomStudio Variable Pane


I downloaded a copy of working OpenOCD and managed to get it to work with FreedomStudio to communicate with HiFive1 RevB. The “Debug” configuration is doing well in that is respecting breakpoint instruction and “Stepping” through the source code. However, I noticed that the Variable Pane (bottom left corner if the default perspective is used) where the variables in the program are listed always display “0x0” for value. For the same setup, using Onboard JLink, the variables updates correctly. Is this a known issue? If so, what is the update plan?

Example: Using the SiFive-Welcome program, i.e. the default bare metal program that shipped with the board, On startup in Debug mode, led0_red, led0_green, led0_blue will always have value 0x0 if OpenOCD is used, but not when JLINK is used. Other than that, execution did stop at first function in main(), break points are respected, Step over, Step Into and Step Return are working fine.

Many thanks in advance
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