HiFive1 RevB Now supported on platformio?

(Penguin) #1

So I’m doing my usual morning routine. Eating a granola bar. Pondering life. Checking platformio boards to see if the HiFive1 RevB has support yet. And I see the RevB listed as supported now. Is it fully out and supported now?

(Ivan @ PlatformIO) #2

Hi Penguin,

We’ve recently released an official SiFive dev/platform where added support for HiFive1 Rev B. There are a lot of preconfigured examples.

Please note that you can experiment with SiFive IP Cores and RISC-V even without physical hardware using a built-in emulator. PIO Unified Debugger will work too! See a sample configuration:

platform = sifive
board = hifive1
debug_tool = qemu

P.S: No need to install any toolchains, SDKs, Eclipse or etc. Everything works out of the box.

Will there eventually be PlatformIO support for the revb?