Hifive1 Rev B pinout


I’m starting work on adding a segmented display driven by a chip with SPI interface and I looked at the pinout picture in the revB quickstart guide.

Why are all the specialist PIN definitions showing “*” in them? E.g. all the purple SPI pins are just showing “*”.

How do I know which is what? I checked the original hifive1 quickstart guide and it’s pretty much identical but identifies the pins nicely.

Does * mean the pins are configurable for specific functionality (e.g. I can pick any of those gpio pins for any of the SPI function) or is this just an oversight in the doc?

(Jim Sughrue) #2

Sorry for the confusion.

The * symbol was meant to be analogous to the check symbol in HiFive1 Getting Started Guide and doesn’t have any additional meaning. The color of the block associated with the pin where the * symbol is encodes the function which can be decoded in the key below.

There are a few layers but the details of board header function are documented in the FE310-G002 Datasheet and the HiFive1 rev B Schematic. Datasheet and schematic for HiFive1 rev B are located here: https://www.sifive.com/boards/hifive1-rev-b