HiFive1 Rev B bootrom source code

I looked at SiFive website but could not find it: is the HiFive1 Rev B bootrom source code available? I’m really curious to see how initialization is done.

Also, when I run example programs I see this on the console after reboot:


is this expected?

Hi Agasfer,

We’re sorry but the boot code is not public. The console messages you are seeing are expected and they are coming from the ESP32 wifi module. If you check Figure 3 of the HiFive Getting Started Guide you’ll see that the ESP32 has a serial interface that also comes out over USB.


Thank you for replying Ralph.

It’s frustrating, with all that open hardware/software spirit I did not expect this to be the case.

I have not looked too deep into the HW specs of the chip - is there some closed source IP?

The output you see is printed by bootloader (not bootrom) as a result of communication with the WiFi module. The bootloader is located at the beginning of the flash. If you’re really curious, you can use Ghidra to decompile it.

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