HiFive1 A01 Not Being Detected

I have two of the older HiFive1 A01 – I got very side-tracked and finally started to try to play with it.

I cannot get them to apper via via lsusb and sudo ls /dev/ttyUSB* – yes I own TWO of these.

What are my options if both of these aren’t detected? Both light up and are being powered by USB.

That’s weird. Maybe try a different USB cable. I’ve had bad ones. Also I know it’s sacrilege in Linux land (and I’m often unjustifiably proud of my own 200 day or 400 day uptimes) but sometimes I have managed to get my USB ports into weird states after playing with this kind of hardware (including AVR Arduinos) and needed a reboot to fix it.

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Interesting – it turns out the 2 USB cables and mini USB hub all don’t work with the HiFive. I switched to other USB cables and now they are detected. Odd! Never seen this before. Thank you!

I did need to reboot in order for the USB to be detected as ttyUSB as well.