HiFive Unleashed board boot failed on sdcard Error 0x0000000000000005



The board cann’t boot from sdcard without any default ouput log on /dev/ttyUSB1. But there is only one output log “Error 0x0000000000000005” if you push the reset button continuously or push once without sdcard. I changed a new sdcard but it still doesn’t work. I find the error code "ERROR_CODE_SD_CARD_CMD0"in ux00boot.c and i think it means sdcard reset failed. Any suggestion will be appreciated.


(Jim Wilson) #2

What exactly are you trying to boot? Different boot images requires different settings for the boot select switches, so you might have those switches in the wrong position for the image you are trying to boot.


Hi, Jim. I want to boot the kernel of sel4 and linux from sdcard. This is already done some days ago and suddently it doesn’t work…The MSEL is 1101(not sure,may be my colleague changed it and try to boot the board, sorry). Before it doesn’t work what i did usually was update the bbl.bin on the sdcard for debugging the kernel.

(Paul Walmsley) #4

This error appears when the boot-ROM can’t issue a CMD0 against the SD card. This is part of the SD card initialization sequence. It could be that the SD card is not firmly seated in the SD card slot; try ejecting it and reseating it. There could also be something wrong with the SD card - consider using a reliable SD card brand such as Sandisk or Samsung.