Fedora on HiFive Unleashed Board

Hello. I want to use fedora in HiFive Unleashed board.

I install fedora on microSD card by following below instructions. https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Architectures/RISC-V/Installing#Boot_the_image_on_physical_hardware

However, it doesn’t work(specifically, it doesn’t boot) Should i install bootloader or other files on the microSD card?

Thank you

You should at least see an error message on the serial console. Those error messages can help debug the system.

If you have never booted anything other than the original freedom-u-sdk image, then the most likely problem is that the MSEL switches are in the wrong position.
The fedora instructions don’t mention the MSEL switch settings. See the picture at

and make sure your switches are in the same position. Ignore all of the other stuff about openembedded. It is just the MSEL switches that are probably in the wrong position. The original freedom-u-sdk image requires all of the switches down, but anything newer using u-boot requires the settings shown in that picture in the running on hardware section.

If that doesn’t work, then you should try verifying your SDcard, and make sure the image on it is OK.

Thank you for your reply.

I tried some MSEL switch setting but it doesn’t work.

Specifically, it doesn’t have never botted anything. I think it is a matter of absense of bootloader. There is only operating system(fedora) in my microSD card. Is it ok for boot? or is there any essential package to boot the board???.

If you followed the fedora instructions, there should be 4 partitions on your SDcard. The fourth partition is the root file system. The other 3 partitions contains bootloader stuff, opensbi, u-boot, u-boot config files, etc. You can try inserting the sdcard into a pc and it should mount filesystems from two partitions, boot and root.

It is fairly common for SDcards to fail. So checking that the SDcard is OK is important. You can try the mount test. You can also try comparing the image on the card to the one you wrote to it to make sure it was written OK.

I will check the partition of the microSD card. However, is the photo below instruction you mentioned right???

Yes, that looks like the right instructions. I haven’t tried it on hardware in a while though. I usually boot these images on qemu.