FTDI drive

Hi there,
I can not establish a serial communication on windows10 to the RISCv core via a serial communication.
the digilent USb device cannot be selected as it is not recogonised in port sssection.
please any idea. Thnx

** via ARTY bord
freedom studio latest version

Hi Nabil and welcome to the Forum.

Can you confirm you have Digilent Arty 100T board? The Windows/Digilent/FTDI interaction sometimes doesn’t work. See the article below for something to try.


When using Freedom Studio you are unable to open a serial terminal to the Arty board because the serial port is not listed in the “UART List” view. This happens when Interface 1 of the Digilent device USB connection is not enumerating as a virtual serial port on the host Windows computer.


This problem happens on some editions of Windows. Most Windows editions install the FTDI driver automatically and enumerate the serial port when the Arty board USB port is connected to you host computer. If your edition of Windows is not installing the driver automatically when you connect your Arty board USB port to your host computer you may need to manually install the correct FTDI driver. This driver installer can be downloaded from this link on the FTDI Driver webpage.

Windows Editions

This problem has been seen on the following Windows editions:

  • Japanese