Freedom-u540 board boot up

Hai everybody ,

                      I am using freedom-u540 board .i want to  make  my board default boot . actually i  have created two partions my SD card 1 partition  label name as bootloader and i have placed bbl.bin and 2 partition am set as ext4 am not using now .by using dd command i was copied bbl.bin inside the primary partition. after i removed my sd card and i placed in my board .after placing this i have change some msel configuration by default i set as all are 1 and first one is i set as 0.after did this step am connected through serial access minicom  i pressed as reset switch but am getting error .

Welcome to minicom 2.7
Compiled on Nov 15 2018, 20:18:47.
Port /dev/ttyUSB1, 12:12:14
Press CTRL-A Z for help on special keys

Error 0x1000000000000003Error 0x1000000000000003

is i am doing anything wrong please update me information i will correct my issue .
thanking you ,

It didn’t boot because you changed the msel switches. It should boot by default with the default msel switch positions. If you want to try non-standard settings, then you will have to study the bootloader code and the bbl code and the u540-c000 docs to learn exactly how booting from scratch works.

FYI You can find info on the error code in the zero-stage bootloader (ZSBL) sources.

Hi Jim wilson ,
I didn’t change any msel positions by default it should be 111111 all are in position board power on purpose I set as first one is 0 so now my msel and positions swtiches is 011111. am getting previous error .

Does it boot with the msel switches in the recommended position, all 1? If not, then there is something wrong with your sdcard. E.g., maybe you don’t have the right gpt uuid values for the partitions. There is a makefile rule in freedom-u-sdk that can make a sdcard for you. See the format-boot-loader makefile rule. You can also find this info in the fu540 Getting Started guide.

You can find explanations for the boot error codes in the zsbl/fsbl source code, though you may have to spend some time reading them to find the info you need.

I don’t understand why you want to change any msel switch. Only people working on boot loaders need to do that, if you want to work on boot loaders then you will have to study the existing boot loader code to see how to make it work.

Hai Jim Wilson,

                       I am creating my SD card having two partitions using gparted software .
                                                            sdb       8:16   1  29.7G  0 disk 
                                                           ├─sdb2    8:18   1  14.6G  0 part 
                                                           └─sdb1    8:17   1  15.1G  0 part 

after i am using dd utitilty i have copied my bbl.bin in partition 1 means sdb1 by using this command
sudo dd if=/home/algo/freedom/freedom-u-sdk/work/bbl.bin of=/dev/sdb1 bs=1024
after copied my bbl.bin in sd card i am placing sd card inside my board then i give power then also am getting same error .
is i am doing anything is wrong please update me .and how many partitions i need to make my card .

The bootloader looks for GPT partitions with specific UUIDs. If it doesn’t find the UUID it is looking for, it won’t boot. I already pointed at the boot loader code. You can find the Makefile rules we use to create SDcards here

You can find a copy of the HiFive Unleashed Getting Started Guide here

which has similar info.

The easiest way to make a new SDcard for a HiFive Unleashed is to use dd to copy the original one that came with the board. If you want to build your own bbl+linux, you can then write it to the first partition of the copy.