Freedom e300 on Kintex 7 KC705 Evaluation Kit

Hi, I am trying to move Freedom e300 from Arty to Kintex 7 KC705 Evaluation Kit. I have changed pins in xdc accordingly and included Startup2e for SPI in E300ArtyDevKitFPGAChip.v so that I can configure Quad SPI. I also changed .bin file from 0x400000 to 0x00C00000. Similarly I changed in ORIGIN = 0x20400000 to ORIGIN = 0x20C00000. After that I built demo_gpio.bin. And generated mcs file for KC705 file. I uploaded it to KC705 and can see the program messages on UARTS. But I am facing following probelm:

  1. On Reset not all the time complete message from demo_gpio.c is coming on UART.
  2. As per demo_gpio I should see led blinking due to timer but I don’t see any blinking in Led’s. They are either just On or Off. (KC705 does not have enough LED’s so I am only using led_g)

Could you guide me how should I proceed? Is there anything I am missing?


The Arty’s clocking is based on a 100MHz oscillator whereas the KC705’s clocking is based on a 200MHz oscillator. Since the E300Arty is hard coded to run at 65MHz, I believe you will have to adjust that parameter to account for the speed difference to have the timers work proberly. Just guessing.:wink:

Hi, Thank you for the reply. I already took care of it. I think there is something I am missing in boards file in freedom e sdk.

For the UART, can you open up the post-routed design checkpoint and make sure that the IO flops have been mapped in the IOB flops.

For VC707 boards in fpga-shells this is achieved with these lines :

Hi, Can you explain a bit about these two lines from your reference
set_property IOB TRUE [get_cells “U500VC707System/uarts_0/txm/out_reg”]
set_property IOB TRUE [get_cells “uart_rxd_sync/sync_1”]
I could not find them in my version of U500VC707. I have following constraints in vc707 xdc file

Platform specific constraints

set_property IOB TRUE [get_cells “U500VC707System/uarts_0/txm/out_reg”]
set_property IOB TRUE [get_cells “uart_rx_sync_0”].
What these signals refers to? and where would I find them?