Floating Point support in Linux kernel for U740 SoC [U74 core]?

The amdgpu driver for AMD’s Navi gfx cards [RDNA 1 & 2] requires floating point support in the kernel in order to set up the DCN [Display Controller] in order to get in order to get display out functionality,
[see this thread for more background].

Assuming this is possible, is there any work ongoing in this area and/or plans for the future from the Sifive team?

Mesa 21.3 exposes hardware ray tracing support for RDNA cards, and compiles cleanly on the Unmatched, so was really hoping to try this out with an RDNA card… but it’s a no-go unless the above kernel changes [and then some amdgpu driver changes] are made…

As far as I know no one is working on it. Most likely because there is little benefits from newer GPUs (not to mention expensive and hard to get). SoC itsellf will be a bottleneck here. Even RX500 (probably RX400 too) should have a limited performance with FU740.